We now can offer import & export clearances at the EU Frontier Border at Calais & Dunkirk through our trusted partner in France, who we have been working with since early 2022.

This service allows for:

The 'Deferral' of Import VAT, which in turn

'Fast-Tracks' the clearance process and also

Negates the need for a transit documents.

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EST. 1973






We can clear your goods at any port of arrival in the UK, requiring the minimum amount of information to complete your clearance:

A copy of the commercial Invoice & Packing List

Any other certificate that are applicable

Copy of the 'Bill of Lading' or 'Air Waybill'

We will track and trace your shipment & where required we can arrange licenses & delivery.


We have a general authorisation issued by HMR&C to operate  simplified procedure, what this means is that in most cases we can offer an ‘Instant Customs Clearance’, which enables us to arrange delivery times of shipments prior to their arrival, alleviating rents, demurrage & extra costs.




Established in 1973, we are a totally Independent Freight Forwarder, Agent & Customs Broker unaligned to any shipping line, consolidator or integrator.

We are therefore able to provide independent advice, unbiased by self interest & ensuring that you receive the highest level of service, tailored to your specific needs.

Whether its cost, speed or flexibility, your requirements are paramount. Whether you ship by air, sea or overland, we are here to assist, with service levels that have been our hallmark for over half of a century.

The 'Customs Declaration Service' supports making import and export declarations when moving goods into and out of the UK.

As of the 30 November 2023, the Customs Declaration Service became the UK’s single customs platform and all businesses will need to declare goods through this service.


Who needs an EORI?

You may need an 'Economic Operators  registration and Identification Number' (EORI number) if you move goods: between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) or the Isle of Man and any other country including the EU


We offer all types of export paperwork including





and more...


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No more delays with lots of shipping lines. No matter where the goods originate from.

Whether it’s a full container or part load, we can handle the shipment.

Working with different countries and different suppliers, no matter whether you are buying FOB / CIF

By advising your shipper to consign the ‘Bill of lading’ to us, or show us as the ‘Notify Party’, we will get the pre-notification from the shipping line direct off the vessels imminent arrival and documentation required.

We pickup ALL charges from all persons and companies in the chain and pass on ONE detailed invoice to you which covers everything, in a clear and easy format.

Sometimes the urgency or nature of consignment necessitates movement by air.

Whether you export or import we have the prefect solution for your needs.

Often your shipment will spend more time on the ground whilst a myriad of formalities are completed than it does in the air. Delays can result whilst information is exchanged , payments made and deliveries scheduled, delays which can add to your costs.

Delays can result whilst information is exchanged, payments made and deliveries scheduled, delays which can add to your costs. But there are solutions ..!!!

We will track you shipments

Preperare your Customs entries in advance of arrival

Sort out payement of freight, Duty & Vat.

And have you goods to your doorstep faster.

We can make a declaration for any port in the UK,via our own systems,

We are HMR&C authorized for simplified procedure.

We offer electronic transit declarations for our customers.

We are authorized to print bar coded community transits on our own computer systems.

We can track the transit through the frontier crossings to its final clearance & discharge point via computer links.

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Netherlands, Belgium & Austria

We can also arrange both import & export documentation in the Netherlands, Belgium & Austria.

Haulage / Transport

We can also arrange your transport needs